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About Us

What’s in a Name?

The “Salish Sea Regenerative Farm Society”

The Salish Sea is a body of water tucked into the NW corner of the USA and the SW corner of Canada. It has its own unique agriculture and aquaculture that support and host many migratory routes of fish, land and sea mammals, birds, and insects. It is the home of many indigenous Salish Nations and several world-renowned cities like Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver, and Victoria with smaller local coastal communities like Port Angles, Belview, and Blaine in the USA and White Rock, Squamish, Nanaimo, Campbell River and Sechelt in Canada where the SSRF Society was founded and resides.  

While our small 7-acre Demonstration Regenerative Farm is located on the traditional lands of the shíshálh Nation and while the farm will adapt to our unique climatic and geological conditions we intend to demonstrate and teach how local communities around the world can utilize their community’s organic waste to restore local urban and suburban ecosystems to the pre-industrial balance of the geosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere; just as it was in all Indigenous Territories for millions of years.

We invite you to join us by sharing links to your stories and experiences with the use of urban compost in regenerative projects that sequester CO2 in support of achieving “Net Zero” for communities around the world.          

Our Mission

Our mission is to inform and inspire citizens, businesses, local communities, governments, and other organizations to become more actively involved in addressing global warming through the regeneration of the ecosystem that fosters habitat enhancement and builds social connections among individuals and communities.  

Our society is dedicated to mitigating the impacts of climate change by promoting the widespread use of compost in regenerating soil to produce healthy food. Compost, derived from organic waste, plays a pivotal role in restoring ecological balance and fostering regenerative practices. We believe that through composting, we can transform waste into a valuable resource that nourishes the soil, supports healthy food production, community landscapes and strengthens our local communities. 

The Demonstration Regenerative Farm serves as a beacon of regenerative farming techniques and showcases the potential of compost utilization within urban communities. By implementing innovative practices on this farm, we aim to demonstrate the positive impact that can be achieved at a local level. From soil health improvement to increased biodiversity, from sustainable food production to carbon sequestration to local community involvement in habitat enhancement and water conservation, the Demonstration Community Farm exemplifies the transformative power of compost-based regenerative agriculture in Urban and Suburban environments. 

As we embark on our journey, we invite individuals, families, businesses, and governments to join us in our commitment to a sustainable and regenerative future. And if you are not fortunate enough to live on the Sunshine Coast, we encourage you to follow us and become an advocate in your community for the lessons we will demonstrate and report on our website. Community Compost is the key and together, we can make a difference in mitigating climate change, restoring ecosystems, and ensuring a healthy and thriving environment for generations to come. 

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